biblical tithing for the ChristianIt’s finally here!  My first book is complete and available online!   “Biblical Tithing for the Christian” is a message of freedom and liberty that has been on my heart for 20 years!   In 2015 the Lord gave me the release to put the message of God’s financial freedom and kingdom wealth in print.   We connected with Tate Publishing in November of 2015.   After a few edits and waiting patiently Tate Publishing has the book available right now on their web site:

UPDATE:  We also have books in stock here

I can’t take all the credit though all the glory belongs to the Lord!

The book came out of a lot of pray and studying the Word of God.   I studied very carefully in the bible where the giving of 10% came from and the history of the tithe in the Law of Moses.   The book will help answer the question if Christians need to tithe.

The answer points us to Christ and His fulfillment at the Cross for all our needs!

Copies are available online here   If you like to order more than 10 copies please give me a call for pricing!

Spring Break Trip!  E4 Ministries is planning a mission trip to Nicaragua in the spring of 2017.   We have several people who are very interested from Pikeville who would like to go.   Our goal is to bring 10-12 people to Nicaragua and help support the efforts of Wayne and Megan Tingle with Enrich Missions.    If you would like to help support our trip or want to learn more about Enrich Missions check out their web site here:    We will have more details coming soon.

Fall Conference:   We are still planning our fall conference “God’s Plan – Your Purpose”.   We are currently in the process of working with local churches to host the event.   We are praying for the Lord’s door to open.   There are many who are hungry for a move of the Holy Spirit in our area.   We are praying for it and I believe the message that the Lord has put on my heart will encourage many in our area.   Please keep the conference in prayer.

We appreciate everyone who has giving to our ministry and who has prayed for us.   We have a list of supporters, local leaders, and other friends and family that we continue to pray for.   If you are receiving this email you are on that list!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!  Thank you for being a part of the journey!

Thank you and God bless,