I have not added a new post in a while and please forgive me for not keep everyone updated on our events.    Leslie and I are very grateful to all who are supporting the work of God in our ministry.    I would just to give a brief update on what is happening around here:

Moving!  Back in March Leslie and I purchased a new house and have been working fixing it up.   This weekend we just moved most of our belongings in and are living here now.   The most important part is I have my office setup and Internet working!  Just to let you know how neat God is our new house is much bigger but our mortgage is less than our old house!  Hallelujah!

We weren’t sure what we were going to do with the old house – sell or rent it out.   The woman who originally owned the house we just bought moved out of the area a few years ago.   We had to get in touch with her for some paperwork that was never signed.   She suggested she wanted to move back to Pikeville and suggested to rent our old house.   So without advertising or getting a realtor involved we have a renter who will be signing a year lease!  Another Hallelujah!  God is good!

First Book Publication!   Before the end of 2015 we signed a contract in faith with a publishing company to get my first book on biblical finances printed.    God really moved in this situation.   We signed a two book contract for the fraction of what one book would have cost!  We have God and our dear friends who helped pay the contract in full!

We have received a final digital proof of the new book called ‘Biblical Tithing for the Christian’.   We also have a printed proof on the way!   Once the final proof is approved we should have actual copies in the book stores in a month or so.    We are working with the publisher to set up book signings around our area and while we visit Florida in July!!   Can I keep bragging on how awesome God is?

What is Next?

Video Production.   Through your gifts we have invested in some video equipment that will help us produce short quality videos.   The videos will be geared towards what is currently happening in our world and also ministry, teaching and prayer.   We feel God will use the videos which will be posted through our web site, www.e4ministries.org, and through various online web sites to touch people’s lives.    We live in a hurting and dying world.   People need ministry.   They need to know God loves them and they don’t have to live in bondage or sickness!

He is our healer, our provider, our Savior, our redeemer and so much more!   The world needs to know Him and His love!

Special thanks to Martha Low @ www.wildsiccors.com for putting a really cool video intro together for us.

We are hoping to build up our video library and have other ministers on board to setup a streaming video channel for the Roku set, Amazon Prime and other online streaming networks.

Conferences.   A while ago the Lord has put on my heart to step out in faith to hold a day long conference in our area.  The conference is called “God’s Plan – Your Purpose”.   It coincides with our first video series “Waiting to Die” – which is about the Church waiting to be with Jesus instead of doing the works of Jesus!   Our heart is for the Body of Christ and to reach out to them, encourage them and build them up to know that God has a plan and a purpose for them.   It is time to Church sets aside it’s doctrinal differences and to come together unity.   That is why our ministry is called E4 Ministries (read Ephesians Chapter 4).

We have already spoken with local pastors about equipping our children to lay hands on the sick, walking in the Spirit and not just living off the ‘milk of the word’, but being doers of the Word of God!  Many already support the idea and stand behind us ready to help.   We are excited about what the Lord is doing!   We are praying for the facilities to hold the conferences.   We are planning on doing one in Pikeville and one in Dunlap which is about 20 miles south of us.    We are already praying for more doors to open in our area for more conference locations.

More Books.   Right now I am working on my second book which will be the first in the three part series.    The series is about our authority, basics of strongholds, spiritual warfare and deliverance.   I am hoping to have the first book completed by the end of July.

People need to know they can be set free from lies believed.   They need to know that they are not the root of all their problems.   There is a spiritual war going on all around us.   It’s not just about who’s side we are on – which should be God’s side – but also discerning the difference between good and evil, taking your spiritual authority and going to town over darkness and lies believed!   Yes we ultimately win when we leave these bodies to be with the Lord, but why not live in victory over darkness and help other do the same here on this earth?  Amen!

We appreciate your prayers and financial support.   So far this year we have refurbished and given away two computers.   Since I have a technical background I found some old computers put some new hardware and operating systems on them.   Then we give them away to people who want to learn to make money from home or even for ministry.   One person wanted to write out his testimony so we loaded Microsoft Office.  He was brought up Muslim.   The Lord Jesus set him free!  It should be an exciting story!    Your support will go to help this young man share his testimony.

This past January we were able to bring a young man who needed some serious ministry to a men’s conference in Georgia.   Along the way he received some counseling.   But also on the way home to Tennessee we had to pull over to lay hands on him to receive some deliverance from previous relationships!  Talk about roadside ministry!  It was powerful to see this young man get set free from darkness and receive healing in his soul!  He never knew the love of a father until our heavenly Father touched his heart!  POWERFUL!!    Your financial support went to help this man go to the conference and get set free!

Your support also helped to fund the building of a kitchen to feed children in rural Nicaragua through Enrich Ministries.   You are also helping support the spreading of the gospel and God’s healing power to Brazil and Europe through our friend Hermes Falcoa Jr.

We are just conduits for God’s blessings!


We have a prayer list for everyone on our email list.   If there is anything specifically we can pray for you please reply to this email.   Also if you want to be removed just reply to the email.

Our online giving is setup here:   https://www.e4ministries.org/ministry-support/   If you have any questions or would like to mail your tax deducible contribution you may do so here:

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Thank you and God bless,