Dear Christian,

What are you doing?  What are you doing with the power of God that lives and dwells inside of you?  What are you doing just praying and not getting out to preach?  What are you doing teaching and not praying?  Your dancing and dedication may be pleasing but I have so much more for you, says the Lord.   post-header-10-13-2015I have a plan and a purpose for you.  I have a plan to use your voice, to use your hands, to use your feet.  This life I have given you is not just to keep your face in the carpet, but to allow Me to be exalted and glorified through you.  Your heart already exalts Me in you, but I want to be exalted through you.  I want to be lifted up in the grocery store, in the hallways, in the streets, in the courthouse, in the jailhouse.

Please don’t keep Me bottled up.  Please don’t just dance before me.  Please don’t just spend your days and nights in prayer.  I am not pleased with just those things.  I am not glorified with just those things you do.  My calling for you is not fulfilled with you just pleasing Me.  My calling is fulfilled when you step out in faith to lay hands on the sick.  My calling and purpose is fulfilled when you rebuke, when you cast out, when you hug the hurting and lost and let them know I love them, says the Lord.

I do not dwell in buildings made by your hands.  It is not really My purpose to dwell in your buildings.  It is My desire to dwell in the building that I created.  It is My desire to dwell in you and move through you.  Your buildings are wonderful and comfortable.  However, My purpose is not always fulfilled in your building.  My purposed is fulfilled when I dwell and move through My building, My temple.  You are My temple, My building for My purpose.

Allow Me to dwell in My temple.  Allow Me to move in and through My building, My creation and you will see My glory, My purpose, My plan and My will being fulfilled.

You are beautiful because I created you.  You are worthy because I made you.  You have a plan and a purpose because I redeemed you for My good!

You are born of My spirit not your spirit.  You have been filled with My Holy Spirit not yours.  I filled you with the same spirit that raise My Son from the dead, not yours.  It is not your power that can raise people from the dead, cast out demons or bring healing.  It is Me, God Almighty, and Me alone.  What have you been doing with what I GAVE you?  You have not earned My Spirit – He is a free gift.  When you accepted My Son you accepted the Holy Spirit and charged with a calling and a purpose.

It is not by your power or might but by My Holy Spirit of power living and dwelling inside of you.  I am not rebuking you, but encouraging, giving you a course adjustment.  Humble yourself so I can be exalted in you and through you!  You desire to see My glory.  You desire to walk in My presence.  You will when you allow Me to be exalted in you and through you!


From the Lord your God.

10/13/15 11:50 am CDT