Jesus came to teach and minister the fundamentals of God’s Kingdom.  As the Son of Man, He taught and demonstrated what it meant to be a follower of the Father.  Jesus the Messiah, showed us the mercy, grace and love of the Father.   As the Son of God Jesus, walked in the ultimate authority in holiness and righteousness.   After taking a moment to fathom the depths and gravity of the relationship between the Father and Son, Their desire to be with us and want Their children to be with them, They send us the Helper, the Comforter and the Power of God.  Indeed, very mind blowing and spiritually deep.  

A vision came to me in August 2019 regarding the Kingdom of God.  Imagine the Great Wall of China.  It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and magnificent.  In the vision from the Lord, the wall of His kingdom was wider and taller than the Great Wall.  In the spiritual, God’s imagination is far above what we can think.   That is why paying attention to dreams and visions are important.

The Wall of the Kingdom was continually moving and growing.   Each block of the wall was being laid down one by one but in such a rapid manner I really couldn’t keep up.  The bricks were approximately 4’ (h) x 6’(w).   But, I’m not sure how deep.   They were made of solid gold.   All imperfect.   But always adding to the wall; fitting together perfectly.  It was growing and constantly in constuction.   There were countless figures laying the blocks down one by one; being laid faster than any human being could count or think.  

The workers, laying the blocks, were the men and women who have gone on before us.   Their ministry laid the foundation for the walls of the kingdom.   The living word went forth as their testimonies, their ministry and prayers for others.   The manner by which the Holy Spirit spoke and moved through the precious saints was only by the will of the Father.  The ministry gifts by the Holy Spirit from the Father moved through Spirit Filled men and women of God all for the will of the Father; through those who desire His Kingdom.   The cycle of God’s life and will in every born- again believer.

On top of the wall facing on the inside, were leaders called to the five-fold ministry.   They were facing inward towards the men and women of the Body of Christ.   The leaders on the wall were reaching their hands down to pull up men and women into the ministry they were called into.   The ones who were doing the labor recognized emerging leaders, the youth with hearts after Jesus (who would later mature into leaders themselves) and those who had radical conversions (like myself). The laborers were continually ministering to the Body; being strengthened by the Holy Spirit.  

On the other side of the wall facing people outside the Kingdom, were men and women called to the five-fold ministry also.  They were reaching many who would be welcomed into the Kingdom of God. 

The depts of the power, authority and love of God.  

I haven’t felt led to write this out until now.   It’s been on the back of my mind.   Also, with a lot going on during the holidays, making time to write this out worked out just fine.  

This message is for leaders who have a mind set to build up the Body of Christ or to reach those who need Jesus as their Christ. Be on the alert and look out to those who answer the call of ministry.   “Many are called but few choose to go”.  It’s not up to you to choose who goes.  It’s up to you to minister the message no matter how many hear and follow the will and call of the Father.   As leaders you are responsible for building up the leaders and ministers to continually expand the Kingdom of God.